From 1996 until 2011, Lucien Terras was the co-owner of D’Amelio Terras gallery with Christopher D’Amelio. D’Amelio Terras was part of the first wave of galleries to open in Chelsea and remained at 525 West 22nd Street until it closed in December 2011. As the website of D’Amelio Terras gallery is no longer active, Lucien Terras has reserved this section of the site to serve as an archive for all the exhibitions that took place at his former gallery. The exhibitions are listed chronologically and can be filtered by either artist or year, using the various tags associated with each entry. Over time we will add press articles and reviews related to each of the exhibitions, as well as checklists, additional images of individual works and other relevant information. This archive has been compiled for the artists who presented their work at D’Amelio Terras and for the larger audience that supported the gallery over the years.