Karin Sander

D’Amelio Terras, New York
October 12 – November 9, 2002

D’Amelio Terras is pleased to present Karin Sander, the gallery’s second solo exhibition with German artist Karin Sander. The exhibition is titled Karin Sander, but it is not dedicated solely to the artist. Sander describes the work as “a portrait of a name, an artist, and three generations of women.” The work consists of sixty photographs depicting German, Austrian, and Swiss women all named Karin Sander. The artist asked the women that share her name to make a personal photograph available for an art project, and the photos – each a self-chosen portrait – are a collection of sixty lives. The work touches on issues of biography, history, time, and artistic agency, themes central to earlier portrait works such as the 3-D bodyscans digitally rendered as 1:10 scale figures presented at D’Amelio Terras in 2000.

Prior to the opening of the gallery’s exhibition, Karin Sander will present wordsearch, the second annual installment of the Deutsche Bank’s “Moment Art” series. wordsearch is a “trans-linguistic sculpture” that attempts to create a portrait of New York City through contributed words in the native languages of 250 New Yorkers. A special sixty-eight page insert will be presented along with the New York Times Magazine on September 29; the wordsearch project will be presented in the New York Times Business Day section on October 4. More information about the project is available on the Moment Art website, located at http://www.moment-art.com.

This summer, the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart presented a mid-career survey of Karin Sander’s work and Hatje Cantz Publishers produced a monograph documenting the artist’s work to date. Sander has recently exhibited in Japan, Europe, and across the United States, was included in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s 010101: Art in Technological Times and earlier was featured in Projects 46 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. More information about the artist can be found on her website, located at http://www.karinsander.de

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