143 Reade Street – New York 10013

143 Reade is a private gallery in a residential building in Tribeca.


Auguste Garufi, Philippe Jarry, Michael Schall

September 5 – October 31, 2014
By Appointment

Lucien Terras is pleased to present an exhibition of works on paper by New York based artists Auguste Garufi, Philippe Jarry and Michael Shall. This exhibition brings together three artists whose non-traditional approach to drawing extend beyond the conventions associated with its medium. The large-scale nature of the works and careful techniques employed by the artists convey a contemporary re-imagination and investigation into new ways of drawing.

Auguste Garufi’s works are constructed from Kozo, a Japanese paper extracted from the bark of a Mulberry tree. The lightness of the material lends itself to the endearing fragility and unassuming modesty of the work. Through a labor-intensive process, Garufi sparingly sews casted hand-made flower petals onto the paper, characterizing his work with a certain subtlety that also implies a meditative quality. Garfui’s process becomes an examination of the concept, “poetry as form.”

Philippe Jarry’s elaborately conceived collages are a compilation of hundreds of sketches that are scanned, digitally re-arranged, and printed on fabric. The dense array of figures evokes a larger civilization through the associative power of the characters found throughout the works. Jarry’s preference for applying smaller cutout drawings to a large blank background meaningfully places the viewer’s attention upon the spatial placement and design his work possesses. The indexing of anonymous figures culminates into a visual system invented by the artist.

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